“On behalf of the Health and Safety team and the Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee, I would like to thank Lakehead and Laurentian University for the presentation and the Knowledge Transfer Kit that we had the opportunity to present to our supervisors and managers.

This is a concrete and usable training tool issued from research projects like the one we are implementing together.

We are proud to be your industrial partner in research projects that will reduce incidents and accidents and ensure that more workers will go back home safe every day and will not develop long-term work-related illnesses.”

CROSH LogoClaude, Northern Ontario Industry

CROSH Internship Testimonials

“COVID-19 has been quite a challenge for everyone, but I am really proud to have been a part of such a collective effort. CROSH, MIRARCO and the OMA have put together a project that can be beneficial for not only the mining sector, but other industries as well. Safety sharing benefits everyone and is something we should always strive to do.”

The CROSH Student Internship offered a great opportunity to the Advisory Services team at NORCAT to work with a student and it was a great success … I believe this internship program is a fantastic opportunity for employers to work with students and young professionals to give them experience in the workforce, and provide organizations competent, skilled workers in a cost-effective route.

The quality of my experience working with [CROSH Director Dr. Sandra Dorman and CROSH student Emily Tetzlaff] can only be summarized as excellent. Having a subject matter expert, capable of systemically analyzing our data via a deep dive gave us clarity on what was working and where we could improve the H&S performance of our operations. Specific improvements will be made to our Incident Management System, Alcohol & Drug Program, and COVID-19 Response Program because of the work Emily did through CROSH for us.

I would participate in this program every year if possible and would recommend it to any organization looking to improve its H&S performance.

Laurentian University is participating in the WSIB Excellence Program. This program involves selection of health and safety topics we can improve on. [CROSH student member Azin Zargham] was tasked to review the material and provide feedback. There was a lot of material for her to review. She was diligent and reviewed all material presented. Her feedback was honest and thorough. This was immensely useful to prepare for our validation story.

She was also asked to research Psychological Safety (one of 2021 topic selection) and to prepare a teaching document for us to use to prepare for our Standard. Her document is EXCELLENT!! It is thorough and can be used to inform our committee members to prepare for our standard.

This remote internship was useful and I would consider this again!! We have a lot of programs that need reviewing and sometimes fresh inputs are the best inputs you can have.

Overall, this placement allowed me to increase my knowledge in a variety of ways that I am extremely appreciative of. The two shifts I worked with were incredibly helpful throughout the project and were more than willing to answer any questions I had for them, which further improved my learning and knowledge of both the facility, company, and my own project at New Gold.

I would like to sincerely thank the Centre of Research in Occupational Safety and Health (CROSH) for providing me with this special and unique learning opportunity. I would specifically like to thank Dr Katie Goggins for providing the resources needed for this student internship, including but not limited to: equipment, background information, and her extensive expertise/knowledge. Lastly, I would like to thank my supervisor Dr. Kathryn Sinden from Lakehead University for supporting me throughout my masters degree and this student internship. The New Gold Mine Whole Body Vibration (WBV) research project was very important in terms of occupational health and safety because in a mine setting, WBV is commonly activated when operating heavy duty machinery. Moreover, WBV may be associated with injury and/or loss to the circulatory, musculoskeletal, and neurological systems.

Testimonials about CROSH-Con

CROSH-Con is our annual occupational health and safety conference connecting workplaces and industries with researchers and students.

CROSHCon 2022 provided an exceptional keynote presentation and provided information on very important relevant topics that many employers encounter. This is a great gateway to learn about new technologies and research in our neighbourhood. I look forward to the 2023 session.

CROSH continues to demonstrate exceptional value in the field of occupational safety and health, and has become the “go to” expert partner across industries and sectors.  The mining industry in particular is fortunate to have CROSH as a member of the team, as their past, current and future work provides a strategic advantage in the industry’s goal to continually improve workplace safety.  Events like CROSH-Con further demonstrate the organization’s commitment to not only the results of their work, but to the goal of engaging industry and seeking to find solutions for the real world.

The role of a safety professional is one of continual learning and growth. This conference was very valuable in aiding this growth and identifying areas that I would like to become more knowledgeable in. The quality and passion of those presenting was very high level, and it was obvious they knew what they presented.

CROSH-Con was a perfect platform for students to share their research outcomes and industrial experiences. Engagement within industries ensuring they can relate theoretical aspects of OSH and the practicality behind it

CROSH LogoZubairy, PhD, HFE Consultant

I attended this year’s CROSH-Con 2021. It was a virtual  Zoom event due to the COVID situation, but it was a very engaging and interesting day. Registration was free. The speakers were a diverse mix of students and faculty from different occupational health and safety (OHS) disciplines. Projects this year included mining, nursing, forestry, and of course COVID. I am not an expert in industrial OHS, but I found the talks to be interesting, very well presented, and very engaging. The Three Minute Thesis talks were great. Short. Clear. Focused. Bookmark the CROSH website and keep an eye out for this annual event. If you have an interest in occupational health and safety, or just want to learn some interesting stuff about important Northern Ontario industries and issues facing their workers, check out CROSH and this conference.

CROSH LogoCROSH-Con Attendee