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Graduate Student Awards

Graduate students affiliated with the Centre for Research in Occupational Safety and Health are encouraged to apply for award scholarships. A complete list of available awards, application details, and eligibility requirements are emailed to all active CROSH Graduate Student members each year, by the end of August.

  • Ontario Nurses’ Association Graduate Scholarship: Value: $2000

  • UA Local 800 Graduate Fellowship: Value: $5000
  • William Shaver Masters Scholarship in Mining Health and Safety: Value: $5000

  • William Shaver Doctoral Scholarship in Mining Health and Safety: Value: $5000

  • MegaComfort Scholarship: Value: $500 (2 available)

  • CROSH Fellowships: Value: $2,500 (# available TBD)

  • Dr. Fergal Nolan Radiation Safety Institute of Canada Graduate Award: Value: $5,000 

  • United Steel Workers Graduate Scholarship: Value: TBD (# available TBD)

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