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On Monday, April 27th at 1pm, Alexie Dennie is defending her thesis for her Masters in Human Kinetics degree. All are welcome to virtually attend at: https://laurentian.zoom.us/j/98735744017?pwd=Y1dabmlBSW1mcm1ieHNSQzRTTkJiUT09


Thesis title: The Determinants of Sleep Quality in the Mining Industry

Supervisors: Dr. Céline Larivière, Dr. Zsuzsanna Kerekes, Dr. Tammy Eger, Dr. Michel Larivière

Research Description: The purpose of Alexie’s study is to determine the current state of sleep quality and quantity in the mining industry. Further investigations will explore the health behaviors, personal factors and work-related factors that affect sleep quality and quantity. The results of this research will assist in the development of targeted strategies and interventions for workers to achieve better sleep quality, overall well-being, and a safer workplace.