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On April 28th, the National Day of Mourning, we remember and honour those who have been killed, injured, or made ill in the workplace. It’s also a day to renew our commitment to improve health and safety in the workplace and prevent further injuries, illnesses, and deaths.

This year, we want to recognize all the professions, groups, and individuals who are fighting COVID-19 and who are keeping our communities running during the pandemic.

Traditionally for the National Day of Mourning, a ceremony is held at Laurentian University. Due to physical distancing, we’re instead broadcasting an online video called “Make the Difference Together” at 10am on April 28th. The video will be edited together with video messages from community leaders and members.

This is where you come in: everyone is welcome to submit an ~5 second video message for inclusion in the online video. You can take this opportunity to thank or recognize community members who are fighting on our behalf against COVID-19 and who are keeping our communities running.

You can thank specific workplaces, general occupations, workers in specific industries, or even individuals who are making a difference. For example, “Thank you to the grocery store workers for keeping the shelves stocked and letting us put food on our tables.”

Please feel free to be creative with your message. You might wish to hold a sign or show a photo or simply talk into the camera. It’s however you want to recognize a group(s) or individual(s) for their contributions.



  • Videos MUST be submitted by end of day on Wednesday, April 22nd.
  • You can record the video on whatever device you’d like: cell phone, webcam, tablet, etc.
  • Please record your message in whichever language you prefer.
  • Try to make your message a complete sentence or sentences.
  • Aim for your message to be 5 to 10 seconds long. Note: we might only use a portion of your message when we incorporate it into the larger video.
  • Try to leave a 2-3 second buffer at the start and end of your message; this will make it easier for editing.
  • If you’re recording your video on your phone, please record it in landscape mode (holding your phone sideways); this will make it easier to match with videos of people who record on their computer.
  • Ideally, try to film close to a natural source of light (window) or where there’s plenty of light available so your face is not in shadow.
  • If you can, try to avoid rooms/spaces where there’s a lot of echo/reverb or background noise.
  • If you’re outside, try to not to film when it’s at all windy (filming inside near a window is a much safer bet).
  • Email your video to dayofmourningvideo@gmail.com.
  • If your video is too big to email, you can upload it to this Google Form (you’ll need to create a free Google Account if you don’t already have one): https://forms.gle/Zhz8PnbycrUQSZN18
  • Feel free to email Tobi at dayofmourningvideo@gmail.com if you have any technical questions or difficulties.


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Thank you for contributing.