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CROSH Graduate Student Anik Dennie will be presenting Safe Space Training to any who wish to attend. You will receive a special “Safe Space Sticker” to let fellow colleagues and peers know that you have successfully completed the Safe Space Training.

“The main goal of Safe Space Training is to help people gain knowledge on how to become an open and accepting resource for people from the LGBTQ2-S community. This will be done by looking at the current terminology, discussing the current climate at Laurentian University in regard to sexuality and gender identity along with looking at how each of us can be an ally. This training aims to create a safe space in order to have an honest conversation about participants’ worries and questions in regard to being allies for the LGBTQ2-S community.

By the end of the training, participants will not only leave with an increased knowledge of challenges that the LGBTQ2-S population may be facing but they will also learn about community resources and be presented with a sticker identifying that they are a safe person to talk to and an active resource for the LGBTQ2-S community.”

This session is open to any and all who would like to attend, as always coffee and light snacks will be provided.