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From the speaker:

“I am the Youth Strategy Coordinator at the Regional Business Centre. The Regional Business Centre is a municipal organization that helps our community members start businesses. We are official partners with Laurentian University.

My job is focused on giving youth the tools and resources needed to open their own business and become successful entrepreneurs. For your students, that could be anything from running a summer company as a side business to starting their own firm (as a writer, economist, artist, retailer, social worker, midwife, architect, etc).

All our services are free and we have programs specifically dedicated to funding youth and mentoring them in starting a business. I am approaching you to start a dialogue on how I can be available for your students this semester.

I believe our services will be valuable to your students and present them with entrepreneurship as an alternative to traditional employment. If they had not previously considered starting a small business or were not aware of the support that is available for them, awareness of our Centre will help them in seeking that route.”