Five CROSH students will be participating in a Three Minute Thesis-style competition. The students will have three minutes – and one slide – to present their research in an engaging and understandable manner.

3MT Competitors

Rachelle Barrette
Rachelle BarretteProgram: Master's of Science in Computational Sciences (Second Year)

Can computer screen design save your life?

Today’s technological devices contain many overwhelming features; they are continually updated with additional tools and settings, adding to the confusion and frustration. Rachelle’s talk will explore: How do these changes affect the user in the workplace? What happens in a healthcare setting when those users are nurses with patients lives in their care? How can we optimize these changes to mitigate health and safety risks?

Rebecca Bond
Rebecca BondProgram: Master's in Human Kinetics (First Year)

Exploring historical accident data is critical to better protecting ourselves moving forward

Rebecca will highlight the need for OHS groups to be aware of accident and injury data and trends. She will specifically be relating the findings to the mineral exploration field; however, such data is pertinent to any workplace that has the potential of putting workers at risk.

Samuel Daoust
Samuel DaoustProgram: Master's in Human Kinetics (Second Year)

Could exercise in the cold be less beneficial compared to working out when warm for insulin sensitivity?

Both exercise and cold exposure have independently shown to improve insulin sensitivity. However, mechanisms by which cold exposure and exercise may improve insulin sensitivity seem to slightly contradict. This study will examine how exercising in both cold and warm conditions affect insulin sensitivity.

Sara Gauthier
Sara GauthierProgram: Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (Fourth Year)

Accuracy of Workplace COVID-19 Screening Protocols

Many employers have incorporated daily temperature checks on all employees as a way to reduce the risk of COVID-19 outbreaks. However, the screening process may occur just minutes after employees leave frigid outdoor conditions of -30°C or below. Sara’s talk will explore the effects of these harsh environmental conditions on the accuracy of temperature readings from different types of thermometers (i.e. contact, non-contact, laser, infrared). 

Jared Whitney
Jared WhitneyProgram: Master's in Human Kinetics (First Year)

An Analysis of Return to Sport Protocols During the COVID-19 Pandemic

A look at the protocols put in place by sport organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic by assessing the risk involved and risk mitigation efforts used. This analysis will help determine the effectiveness of certain protocols that can be used in workplace settings.