Speaker: Alexie Dennie

Webinar Description: Sleep, we all do it. Do you wake up sometimes and wonder why you still feel tired? Most of us have heard of the “golden rules” known as sleep hygiene that help improve sleep quality. However, research shows that many lifestyle behaviours and activities of daily living affect the way we sleep. This can be a vicious cycle as the way we sleep can affect our daily activities. What is it during our day that affects the way we sleep? This presentation will allow you to reflect on the daily activities and lifestyle behaviours that might affect sleep quality and quantity.

Speaker Bio: Alexie graduated from her Bachelor of Physical and Health Education with a Specialization in Health Promotion in 2016. She continued her studies at Laurentian and is now a candidate for the Master of Human Kinetics. Working with Dr. Céline Larivière, her thesis work focuses on lifestyle factors that affect sleep quality in the mining industry. Her thesis work will in hopes help bring awareness to specific lifestyle behaviours that affect sleep quality in workers of the mining industry in order to promote better sleep quality.