CROSH Mobile Research Lab (M‑CROSH)

The CROSH Mobile Research Lab (M‑CROSH) is the first mobile lab in Canada equipped to simultaneously perform workplace research in Occupational Health and Wellness, Human Factors and Ergonomics, and Occupational Physiology and Environment.

M‑CROSH connects researchers and workers in rural and remote communities, and promotes understanding of critical occupational health and safety problems through active information exchange.

M‑CROSH facilitates the development and implementation of meaningful solutions for northern industries, including, but not limited to: mining, aggregates, steel, pulp/paper, forestry, construction, and healthcare.

M‑CROSH is equipped with innovative, portable equipment to study:

  • Mobile equipment design for accident prevention;
  • Vibration-induced injury prevention;
  • Fatigue, energy expenditure, and nutrition;
  • Heat stress, and technologies to mitigate heat stress events;
  • Sleep hygiene to improve sleep quality and quantity; and
  • Mental health and quality of worklife.

M‑CROSH Northern Tour

In 2017, we took M-CROSH on the first Northern Tour. CROSH visited 12 Northern Ontario communities and hosted nearly 500 tours of the mobile lab, asking community members to share key health and safety issues that workers and workplaces face in their community and throughout the region. You can learn all the tour by downloading the M-CROSH Northern Tour Report:

M-CROSH Northern Tour Report (PDF)
Cover of the M-CROSH Northern Tour Report

Learn more about M-CROSH by checking out the video!