CROSH Mobile Research Lab (M-CROSH):

  • Mobile Lab (M-CROSH) is the first mobile lab in Canada equipped to simultaneously perform workplace research in Occupational Health and Wellness, Human Factors and Ergonomics, and Occupational Physiology and Environment.

  • M-CROSH connects researchers and workers in rural and remote communities, and promotes understanding of critical occupational health and safety problems through active information exchange.

  • M-CROSH facilitates the development and implementation of meaningful solutions for northern industries, including, but not limited to: mining, aggregates, steel, pulp/paper, forestry, construction, and healthcare.

  • M-CROSH is equipped with innovative, portable equipment to study:

    • Mobile equipment design for accident prevention;
    • Vibration-induced injury prevention;
    • Fatigue, energy expenditure, and nutrition;
    • Heat stress, and technologies to mitigate heat stress events;
    • Sleep hygiene to improve sleep quality and quantity; and
    • Mental health and quality of worklife.

Learn more about M-CROSH by checking out the video!