CROSH provides occupational health and safety-related workshops on a number of topics. Our workshops are delivered by subject matter experts who have years of experience in Knowledge Translation Exchange. Example workshop topics include vibration, line-of-sight, and fatigue.

CROSH Vibration Workshop: All shook up

Presented by Dr. Katie Goggins, PhD, CCPE, CROSH Senior Scientist. Occupational exposure to whole-body vibration (WBV) is linked with increased risk of low-back pain, gastrointestinal tract problems, and fatigue. This workshop will discuss WBV exposure risks associated with operating heavy industrial equipment common in mining, forestry, and construction. Participants will also learn the basics of vibration measurement and evaluation, and they will benefit from discussion on control strategies for vibration exposure management.

Line-of-Sight: How to get meaningful results from equipment in your workplace

Presented by Dr. Alison Godwin. With this workshop, workplaces will acquire knowledge about lineofsight (LOS) standards, alternatives for onsite calculations (including a spreadsheet to help with generation of LOS plots), practical advice on how to measure LOS on their own equipment, and ideas for generating visuals specific to their organization.

Sleep: Understanding personal needs and optimizing management under challenging circumstances

Presented by Dr. Sandra Dorman. While different workplaces present different challenges, scientific literature provides several best practices that can be adapted for individuals. This can help workers better understand their sleep needs and cope with home- and workplace-related sleep challenges. This workshop will draw on case studies and pre-existing tools to explore sleep optimization and strategies to improve overall employee well-being.

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