Jacob BoninProgram: Master of Human Kinetics
Alexie DennieProgram: Master of Human Kinetics
OHS; Mental Health
Alyssa BruntonProgram: Master of Human Kinetics
Health Promotion; Rural Health; Biomechanics; Exercise Physiology; Line of Sight
Alyssa is currently working to determine how heavy equipment operators in the mining and construction industry utilize visual aid technology while performing worksite tasks. In addition she looks to quantify how heavy equipment operator’s change their work patterns to utilize visibility enhancements available using eye tracking technologies.
Amber TooleyProgram: Master of Human Kinetics
Sleep; Fatigue; Psychosocial Factors 
Amber is currently validating sleep properties within consumer available wearable technology.
Amy DoanProgram: Master of Computational Science
Human-Computer Interaction; Use-Interface Design; Ergonomics; Medical Error; Medical Devices; Nursing 
Amy is currently comparing the performance of pre-entry level, novice and experienced nurses and their interactions with medical devices that possess an unfamiliar user interface. Her research  aims to determine if a relationship exists between a nurse’s performance and how they interact with medical device user interfaces. The key objective of the proposed research is to measure and evaluate the changes in user performance to understand if interacting with alternative user interfaces contributes to the occurrence of medical errors.
Basem GoharProgram: PhD Rural and Northern Health
Psychometric Risk Assessments; Occupational Mental Health; Occupational Obesity
Applying evidence-based approaches by way of meta-analyses and focus groups to construct a risk assessment tool for  lost-time injury, illness, and disability prediction in nurses and health care aids.
Anik DennieProgram: Master of Human Kinetics
Caroline DignardProgram: PhD Rural and Northern Health
Workplace Mental Health; Mining; Absenteeism
Caroline is part of the Mining Mental Health research team looking to better understand the current state of mental health and well-being of miners in Ontario. The study also seeks to identify predictors and barriers to mental health in this workplace, predictors of mental health-related absenteeism, as well as facilitators and barriers to return-to-work following a leave of absence.
Ayden MeilleurProgram: Master of Human Kinetics
Corey BouwmeesterProgram: Master of Human Kinetics
Biomechanics; Gait; Footwear
Corey is looking at the effects that underground mining footwear has on gait, particularly in terms of slips, trips, and falls. Various pieces of equipment to measure kinematic, kinetic, and comfort variables are utilized to determine which footwear characteristics are detrimental to worker safety and which can be improved upon.
Danielle AubinProgram: Master of Interdisciplinary Health
Occupational Health and Safety; Disability Management 
Danielle will be conducting a qualitative study to determine the perceived emotional, social, and physical impact of the McIntyre powder treatment on underground workers in Northeastern Ontario.
Mathew ParrottaProgram: Master of Computational Sciences
Tim DoanProgram: Master of Computational Science
Simulation; Interaction; Virtual Reality; Interfaces
Evaluating the effectiveness of several consumer-level digital displays against head-mounted displays. Application and analysis of several virtual reality properties in regular usage settings.
Nathaniel BarnettProgram: Masters in Interdisciplinary Health
Jordan NixonProgram: Master of Human Kinetics
Rural Health; Occupational Medicine; Public Health; Mental health; Health Promotion
Jordan is currently working on measuring quality of work life of paramedics across northern Ontario. Jordan’s research is currently being conducted in partnership with Manitoulin-Sudbury District EMS, City of Greater Sudbury District EMS, Cochrane District EMS, Rainy River District EMS, Superior North EMS, Parry Sound District EMS, Algoma District EMS and Northwest EMS. His research will also gain insight into paramedic perspectives of community paramedicine. 
Alyssa SmithProgram: MA in Applied Psychology
Katie GogginsProgram: PhD Natural Resources Engineering
Vibration; Biomechanics; Ergonomics
Katie is currently working on modelling foot-transmitted vibration (FTV) exposure. Katie’s research is being completed in parternship with Politechnico de Milano, in Lecco, Italy. Her research will lead to new developments for interational FTV measurement standards, and personal protective equipment (PPE) develoment.
Kelsey WhelanProgram: Master of Human Kinetics
Human Factors; Ergonomics; Biomechanics
Kelsey is currently working on conducting ergonomic assessments and consequently interventions within a sample population of mine assayers. The aim of Kelsey’s study is to improve productivity within tasks, while minimizing muscle and joint demands. 
Lisa SchuttProgram: Master of Interdisciplinary Health
OHS; Mental Health, Return-to-Work; Mining
Lisa is currently part of the Mining Mental Health project.  She is looking at mental health and well-being of mining workers in Ontario; as well as identifying some of the barriers and facilitators to the return-to work process.
Amber SinclairProgram: M.A. in Applied Psychology
Sebastien LerouxProgram: Master of Human Kinetics
Exercise Physiology; Health; Ergonomics
Seb is currently comparing the physiological effects of high intensity interval training versus steady state exercise training with similar energy expenditures.  To determine whether steady state training (SS) or high intensity interval training (HIIT) will better improve energy expenditure (EE) during the excess post exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC).
Stefan KlaassenProgram: Master of Computational Sciences
Nicholas Beckett-BrownProgram: Master of Human Kinetics
Exercise Physiology; Environmental Physiology; Health
I am currently examining changes in whole body and leg muscle oxygenation in response to moderate intensity exercise in cold and warm environments. I am also doing research on predicting blood flow changes in response to cold and warm environments using skin and core temperatures.
Alexus McCueProgram: Master of Human Kinetics
Exercise Physiology; Environmental Physiology; Health
Alexus is analyzing the effects of temperature differences and various exercise intensities on blood flow and oxygen uptake on the muscular level.
Desiree QuennevilleProgram: Master of Human Kinetics
Health Promotion; Physiology; Mental Health
Desiree is examining the effects of different breathing styles on mental wellbeing in occupationally developed stress.
Chelsea SherringtonProgram: Master of Human Kinetics
Chelsea VilleneuveProgram: Master of Interdisciplinary Health
Margaret Kanya-ForstnerProgram: Master of Human Kinetics
Margaret is currently investigating levels of vibration transferred from the terrain to a child riding in the back of a bicycle trailer, and if those levels put a child at an increased risk of developing a whole-body vibration-related injury. The aim of the research is to ensure bicycle trailers are as safe as they can be for children.
Beau Williams-OrserProgram: Master of Human Kinetics
Beau is investigating the preparation of post-secondary outdoor leadership training programs in Canada. He aims to advance knowledge of how outdoor leadership professionals are trained at post-secondary programs in Canada, as it relates to educational outcomes, best practices, and safety in the outdoor industry. Beau believes in using outdoor adventure pursuits to improve physical, social and emotional well being, and to help us connect with nature.
Kimberly FriesenProgram: Master of Human Kinetics
Kimberly’s research focuses on the use of campus trails at Laurentian University by the student population. She hopes to better understand the impact of regular trail use on the mental health and well-being of university students. Kimberly spends a lot her spare time volunteering with the “UP and Move! Walking program” at St. Joseph’s Health Centre.
Sherry MongeauProgram: Master of Interdisciplinary Health
Micheala McGillisProgram: Health Promotion
Shivam ChadhaProgram: Kinesiology
Alexandre DionneProgram: Psychology
Alannah HawesProgram: Heath Promotion
Jonah D'AngeloProgram: Outdoor Adventure Leadership
Cassandra CacciottiProgram: Kinesiology
Michael LiardProgram: Health Promotion