CROSH graduate student members are enrolled in variety of programs, like Human Kinetics, Interdisciplinary Health, Nursing, Indigenous Relations, Engineering Science, Rural and Northern Health, Human Studies and Interdisciplinarity, Biomolecular Science, Materials Science, and more! You can learn how you can become a CROSH graduate student member here and about all of Laurentian University’s graduate programs here.

Dr. Oghenefego Akpomi-Eferakeya, MBBS, MSc
Dr. Oghenefego Akpomi-Eferakeya, MBBS, MScProgram: Master's in Interdisciplinary Health
Dr. Akpomi-Eferakeya is exploring nurses’ perceptions of the usefulness of the Violence Assessment Tool to help decrease the risk of violence in their workplaces. Her supervisor is Dr. Judith Horrigan.
Rachelle Barrette
Rachelle BarretteProgram: PhD in Human Studies and Interdisciplinarity
Victor Benitez
Victor BenitezProgram: Master's in Human Kinetics
Victor’s research is looking to understand the mental and physical state of health care clinicians before and during COVID-19 lockdown in order to develop improvement strategies.
Rebecca Bond
Rebecca BondProgram: Master's in Human Kinetics
Rebecca is a Masters in Human Kinetics student under the supervision of Dr. Alison Godwin. Rebecca is assessing health and safety incident data in the mineral exploration field.
Jonah D'Angelo
Jonah D'AngeloProgram: PhD in Human Kinetics
Jonah is looking at health outcomes and outdoor exposure under the supervision of Dr. Stephen Ritchie.
Vanessa De Coppi
Vanessa De Coppi
Dr. Caroline Dignard
Dr. Caroline DignardProgram: PhD in Rural and Northern Health
Dr. Dignard recently defended her PhD in Rural and Northern Health. Dr. Dignard’s thesis explored “Stress, Anxiety, and Depression among Mining Workers: Understanding the Correlates of Mental Health and Wellbeing”.
Alexandre Dionne
Alexandre DionneProgram: Masters of Arts in Applied Psychology
Amy Doan
Amy DoanProgram: PhD in Human Studies
Amy is investigating the possible effect of inconsistent medical device user interface designs on nurse performance. Her research seeks to determine if inconsistent medical user interfaces for the same medical devices lead to an increase in cognitive load, task completion times, and errors for affected nurses.
George Flagler
George FlaglerProgram: MA in Interdisciplinary Health
George is a Masters student in Interdisciplinary Health at Laurentian University, where he also earned a degree in Health Promotion. A graduate student member of CROSH, George’s research interests include harness suspension, occupational exposures in mining, men’s mental health, and factors influencing vaccine hesitancy.
Pranil G C
Pranil G CProgram: Master's in Computational Science
Adam Graham
Adam GrahamProgram: Master's in Human Kinetics
Willa Hladun
Willa HladunProgram: Master's of Human Kinetics
Reza Mehboob, MSc OHS, CRSP, CFIOSH
Reza Mehboob, MSc OHS, CRSP, CFIOSHPhD in Interdisciplinary Studies, University of New Brunswick
Liam Nesbitt
Liam NesbittProgram: Master's in Human Kinetics
Kate Posluszny
Kate PoslusznyProgram: Ph.D. in Kinesiology (Biomechanics) Candidate at the University of Waterloo
Under the supervision of Dr. Steve Fischer, Kate’s research interests surround using wearable technology to identify and monitor the risk of workplace injuries in first responders.
Kiran Rani
Kiran RaniProgram: Master's in Human Kinetics
Elmira Saffarvarkiani
Elmira Saffarvarkiani Program: Master's in Computational Science
Dr. Leila Vakili Sohroforouzani
Dr. Leila Vakili SohroforouzaniProgram: Master's in Human Kinetics
Solange Marc St Hilaire
Solange Marc St HilaireProgram: PhD in Human Studies and Interdisciplinary Health
Emily Tetzlaff
Emily TetzlaffProgram: PhD in Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa
Emily Tella
Emily TellaProgram: MSc Kinesiology with a Specialization in Gerontology at Lakehead University
Emily Tella is a recent graduate from Lakehead University, where she earned her Master’s of Science in Kinesiology. Her current research focuses on occupational health and safety within first responder populations, more specifically, the mental health of Indigenous and non-Indigenous police officers working in rural Northwestern Ontario communities.
Disal Wickramasinghe
Disal WickramasingheProgram: Master's in Interdisciplinary Health
Disal is conducting a research study looking at the mental health of registered nurses and registered practical nurses in Northern Ontario during the COVID-19 pandemic. His thesis supervisor is Dr. Judith Horrigan.
Megan Wickie
Megan Wickie
Azin Zargham
Azin ZarghamProgram: Master's in Human Kinetics
Azin’s research is on the evaluation of resting metabolic rate following weight loss. She is asking, “Can an improved understanding of the association between weight loss and resting metabolic rate lead to a healthier workplace?” Azin’s supervisor is Dr. Sandra Dorman.
Andrew Zarnke
Andrew ZarnkeProgram: PhD in Human Kinetics
Andrew is investigating potential cardiovascular health effects from McIntyre Powder exposure in the Ontario mining industry. His supervisor is Dr. Sandra Dorman.
Parastou Zerang
Parastou ZerangProgram: PhD in Human Kinetics
Parastou’s research addresses obesity in the workplace and understanding the role of resting metabolic rate. Her supervisor is Dr. Sandra Dorman.