CROSH graduate student members are enrolled in variety of programs, like Human Kinetics, Interdisciplinary Health, Nursing, Indigenous Relations, Engineering Science, Rural and Northern Health, Human Studies, Biomolecular Science, Materials Science, and more! You can learn how you can become a CROSH graduate student member here.

Dr. Oghenefego Akpomi-Eferakeya, MBBS, MSc
Dr. Oghenefego Akpomi-Eferakeya, MBBS, MScProgram: Master's in Interdisciplinary Health
Dr. Akpomi-Eferakeya is exploring nurses’ perceptions of the usefulness of the Violence Assessment Tool to help decrease the risk of violence in their workplaces. Her supervisor is Dr. Judith Horrigan.
Mahdis Aziziderouei
Mahdis AzizideroueiProgram: PhD in Kinesiology, Lakehead University
Rachelle Barrette
Rachelle BarretteProgram: PhD in Human Studies and Interdisciplinarity
Nathaniel Barnett
Nathaniel BarnettProgram: Master's in Interdisciplinary Health
Nathaniel’s thesis is entitled, “Mino-nokiiwin: Towards an Understanding of Indigenous Occupational Health and Safety Experiences in Northern Ontario”. His research is based on a community based participatory approach, led by a steering committee with representatives from each community they are working with. They conducted focus groups to gain insight into Indigenous occupational health and safety experiences. Themes were developed in discussion with the steering committee and focus groups. Nathaniel’s supervisors are Dr. Nancy Lightfoot, Dr. Darrel Manitowabi, and Dr. Leigh MacEwan.
Rebecca Bond
Rebecca BondProgram: Master's in Human Kinetics
Rebecca is a Masters in Human Kinetics student under the supervision of Dr. Alison Godwin. Rebecca is assessing health and safety incident data in the mineral exploration field.
Jacob Bonin
Jacob BoninMD Candidate (2024) - Northern Ontario School of Medicine
Jonah D'Angelo
Jonah D'AngeloProgram: PhD in Human Kinetics
Jonah is looking at health outcomes and outdoor exposure under the supervision of Dr. Stephen Ritchie.
Caroline Dignard
Caroline DignardProgram: PhD in Rural and Northern Health
Caroline is part of the Mining Mental Health research team looking to better understand the current state of mental health and well-being of miners in Ontario. The study also seeks to identify predictors and barriers to mental health in this workplace, predictors of mental health-related absenteeism, as well as facilitators and barriers to return-to-work following a leave of absence.
Alexandre Dionne
Alexandre DionneProgram: Masters of Arts in Applied Psychology
Amy Doan
Amy DoanProgram: PhD in Human Studies
Amy is investigating the possible effect of inconsistent medical device user interface designs on nurse performance. Her research seeks to determine if inconsistent medical user interfaces for the same medical devices lead to an increase in cognitive load, task completion times, and errors for affected nurses.
Tim Doan
Tim DoanProgram: PhD in Human Studies
Tim’s research looks at evaluating the effectiveness of several consumer-level digital displays against head-mounted displays. He is also examining the application and analysis of several virtual reality properties in regular usage settings.
Kimberly Friesen
Kimberly FriesenProgram: Master's in Human Kinetics
Kimberly’s research focused on the use of campus trails at Laurentian University by the student population. She aimed to better understand the impact of regular trail use on the mental health and well-being of university students. Kimberly spends a lot of her spare time volunteering with the “UP and Move! Walking program” at St. Joseph’s Health Centre. Kimberly’s supervisor is Dr. Stephen Ritchie.
Nazanin Gholami
Nazanin GholamiProgram: Master's in Human Kinetics
Nazanin’s research seeks to understand environmental heat exposure amongst wildland Firefighters in Ontario with the aim to develop policy and practice to help prevent heat stress events. Nazanin’s supervisor is Dr. Sandra Dorman.
Adam Graham
Adam GrahamProgram: Master's in Human Kinetics
Curtis Hancock
Curtis HancockProgram: Master's in Human Kinetics
Curtis is investigating the effect of decreased core temperature on the signalling pathways that increase mitochondria content in the muscle either before or after exercise. He hopes to better understand how exercises combined with cold exposure can influence the increase of mitochondrial content in the body’s muscles, and lead to better health. Curtis is also identifying the impact of different cooling conditions on muscle oxygenation and aerobic contributions.
Eyad Kinkar
Eyad KinkarProgram: PhD in Biomolecular Science
Kelsey Lefebvre
Kelsey LefebvreProgram: Master of Science in Nursing
A Registered Nurse, Kelsey’s research is looking at improving the quality of life and symptom management for adults with inflammatory bowel disease in Northern Ontario. Individuals living with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) experience a wide range of fluctuating symptoms with periods of remission and relapses over time that presents challenges to symptom management and can have a negative impact on quality of life. There is a lack of research exploring the lived experiences of adults with inflammatory bowel disease in Northern Ontario. More specifically, this research intends to explore the perspective of individuals in Northern Ontario who have inflammatory bowel disease to gain an understanding of what self-care means to them. Kelsey’s co-supervisors are Dr. Craig Duncan and Professor Irene Koren.
Yiorgio Mathioudakis
Yiorgio MathioudakisProgram: Master of Science Communication
Reza Mehboob, MSc OHS, CRSP, CFIOSH
Reza Mehboob, MSc OHS, CRSP, CFIOSHPhD in Interdisciplinary Studies, University of New Brunswick
Sherry Mongeau
Sherry MongeauProgram: PhD in Interdisciplinary Health
Sherry is looking at the impact of COPD on underground mineral workers in Northeastern Ontario and the compensation claim process. She is also looking at the understanding the compensation claim process and managing COPD in underground mineral workers through the eyes of physicians and union compensation representatives.
Liam Nesbitt
Liam NesbittProgram: Master's in Human Kinetics
Kate Posluszny
Kate PoslusznyProgram: Master of Science in Kinesiology, Lakehead University
Kate’s research involves identifying whether COVID-19 influences critical incident (CI) exposure and posttraumatic stress injury (PTSI) incidence among the Thunder Bay Fire Rescue (TBFR) Service. Her supervisor is Dr. Kathryn Sinden.
Patrick J. Trottier
Patrick J. TrottierProgram: Master's in Cybersecurity and Threat Intelligence, University of Guelph
Programming Repository:
Désirée Quenneville
Désirée QuennevilleProgram: Master's in Human Kinetics
Desiree is examining the effects of different breathing styles on mental wellbeing in occupationally developed stress.
Sara T. Sayed
Sara T. SayedMaster's in Kinesiology, Lakehead University
Dr. Leila Vakili Sohroforouzani
Dr. Leila Vakili SohroforouzaniProgram: Master's in Human Kinetics
Solange Marc St Hilaire
Solange Marc St HilaireProgram: PhD in Human Studies and Interdisciplinary Health
Emily Tetzlaff
Emily TetzlaffProgram: PhD in Human Kinetics at the University of Ottawa
Emily Tella
Emily TellaProgram: MSc Kinesiology with a Specialization in Gerontology at Lakehead University
Emily’s supervisor is Dr. Kathryn Sinden, and her research is focused in the Occupational Health and Safety field. More specifically, her research will be on identifying the mental health burden of Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Ontario Provincial Police and Treaty Three Police Service officers working in urban and rural Northwestern Ontario communities.
Dr. Mohamed Shoukri, MD, M.Sc., IBCLC, COHS
Dr. Mohamed Shoukri, MD, M.Sc., IBCLC, COHSProgram: Master's in Interdisciplinary Health
Dr. Shoukri’s research topic is “Virtual mental health care support for Indigenous children and youth.” Dr. Shoukri’s supervisor is Dr. Nancy Young and his co-supervisor is Dr. Sylvie Larocque.
Victor Benitez
Victor BenitezProgram: Master's in Human Kinetics
Victor’s research is looking to understand the mental and physical state of health care clinicians before and during COVID-19 lockdown in order to develop improvement strategies.
Disal Wickramasinghe
Disal WickramasingheProgram: Master's in Interdisciplinary Health
Disal is conducting a research study looking at the mental health of registered nurses and registered practical nurses in Northern Ontario during the COVID-19 pandemic. His thesis supervisor is Dr. Judith Horrigan.
Jared Whitney
Jared WhitneyProgram: Master's in Human Kinetics
Megan Wickie
Megan Wickie
Wesley Young
Wesley YoungProgram: Master's in Engineering (Mining-Mechanical)
Azin Zargham
Azin ZarghamProgram: Master's in Human Kinetics
Azin’s research is on the evaluation of resting metabolic rate following weight loss. She is asking, “Can an improved understanding of the association between weight loss and resting metabolic rate lead to a healthier workplace?” Azin’s supervisor is Dr. Sandra Dorman.
Andrew Zarnke
Andrew ZarnkeProgram: PhD in Human Kinetics
Andrew is investigating potential cardiovascular health effects from McIntyre Powder exposure in the Ontario mining industry. His supervisor is Dr. Sandra Dorman.
Xiaoke Zeng
Xiaoke ZengProgram: PhD in Public Health Sciences, University of Toronto
Parastou Zerang
Parastou ZerangProgram: PhD in Human Kinetics
Parastou’s research addresses obesity in the workplace and understanding the role of resting metabolic rate. Her supervisor is Dr. Sandra Dorman.