CROSH undergraduate student members are enrolled in variety of programs, like Kinesiology, Health Promotion, Nursing, Computer Science, Engineering, and more! You can learn how you can become a CROSH undergraduate student member here and about all of Laurentian University’s undergraduate programs here.

Dylann Aikia
Dylann AikiaProgram: Kinesiology
Mohamed Alzahran
Mohamed AlzahranProgram: BSc Kinesiology
Mackenzie Anderson
Mackenzie AndersonProgram: BSc Kinesiology
Josée Beauchamp
Josée BeauchampProgram: Sport Psychology
Sydney Boileau
Sydney BoileauProgram: BSc Kinesiology
Bayly Burns
Bayly BurnsProgram: BSc Kinesiology
James Carlin
James CarlinProgram: Sport and Physical Education
Ivana Costantino
Ivana CostantinoProgram: Kinesiology
Ivana is a third year student in kinesiology at Laurentian University. In the future, she aims to pursue a career in health and to support her community.
Mani Cuza
Mani CuzaProgram: Sport and Physical Education
Leah Dawson
Leah DawsonProgram: BSc in Kinesiology
Marja Frederiksen
Marja FrederiksenProgram: Bachelor of Science Spec. Kinesiology
Ian Gibb
Ian GibbProgram: Kinesiology
Kira Gouchie
Kira GouchieProgram: Human Kinetics, Kinesiology
Sam Hutul
Sam HutulProgram: Kinesiology
Kiara Lachance
Kiara LachanceProgram: Kinesiology
Janika Lapp
Janika LappProgram: Sport and Physical Education, Con Ed
 Matthew Keogh-Bateman
Matthew Keogh-BatemanProgram: Sports Psychology
Emily McDonald
Emily McDonaldProgram: Health Promotion
Marie-Eve Morin
Marie-Eve MorinProgramme: Psychologie du Sport
Dawson O'Hara
Dawson O'HaraProgram: Mechanical Engineering
Sara Perfetto
Sara PerfettoProgram: Kinesiology
Sara is a fourth year kinesiology student. Her research interests include: neurorehabilitation, extended reality (VR and AR), sensorimotor integration, brain stimulation (TMS and DBS), gait, and Parkinson’s disease.
Kris Rathgeber
Kris RathgeberProgram: Sport Psychology
Darienne See
Darienne SeeProgram: Sport and Physical Education, Con Ed
Taryn Thompson
Taryn ThompsonProgram: Biomedical Biology
Alan Thrasher
Alan ThrasherProgram: Kinesiology (3rd Year)
 Andrew Triumph
Andrew TriumphProgram: Computational Science (Yr 3)
Isaac Vestby
Isaac VestbyProgram: Bachelor of Physical Health Education Spec. ADVL