CROSH undergraduate student members are enrolled in variety of programs, like Kinesiology, Health Promotion, Nursing, Computer Science, Engineering, and more! You can learn how you can become a CROSH undergraduate student member here.

Mackenzie Anderson
Mackenzie AndersonProgram: BSc Kinesiology
Sydney Boileau
Sydney BoileauProgram: BSc Kinesiology
Allison Caswell
Allison Caswell Program: BSc, Human Kinetics at the University of Guelph
Vanessa De Coppi
Vanessa De CoppiProgram: Health Promotion
George Flagler
George Flagler Program: BPHE in Health Promotion
George’s research project is entitled, “Suspension Trauma Rescue Plans in Occupational Settings”. The aim of his research is to develop and have consensus agreed upon rescue plan and guidelines for treatment of suspension trauma that will assist industry workers and first responders. George’s supervisors are Dr. Sandra Dorman and Dr. Dominique Gagnon.
Sara Gauthier
Sara GauthierProgram: BSc Kinesiology
Sara’s research is on the use of virtual reality technology to increase awareness of line-of-sight hazards. Sara’s supervisor is Dr. Alison Godwin. Sara earned the 2019/2020 United Steelworkers Undergraduate Award.
Kira Gouchie
Kira GouchieProgram: Human Kinetics, Kinesiology
Matthew Kuchtaruk
Matthew KuchtarukProgram: Kinesiology
Sara Perfetto
Sara PerfettoProgram: Kinesiology
Stephanie Pilon
Stephanie PilonProgram: Kinesiology
Taryn Thompson
Taryn ThompsonProgram: Biomedical Biology
Nicholas Vanderschoor
Nicholas VanderschoorProgram: B.P.H.E Health Promotion