CROSH Mobile Research Lab (M-CROSH) with door open and tables with safety information set-up outside

Home Lab

The CROSH Home Lab is in room B-217A of the B.F. Avery Physical Education Centre on the Laurentian University Campus in Sudbury, Ontario. Here you’ll find graduate student workstations, collaborative work spaces, and the offices of our staff.

Workplace Simulator (W-Sim) Lab

Our Workplace Simulator is in room CF-013 of the Cliff Fielding Building on the Laurentian University Campus in Sudbury, Ontario. It is a one-of-a-kind facility providing state-of-the-art infrastructure for the design of research studies or service contracts that solve real-world workplace problems through work-task simulation.

Discover the capabilities of our Workplace Simulator.

How to get to the CROSH Workplace Simulator. Note: coordinates of workplace simulator lab are: 46°28’03.3″N 80°58’23.6″W

Mobile Research Lab (M-CROSH)

The CROSH Mobile Research Lab (M‑CROSH) connects researchers and workers in rural and remote communities. It facilitates problem-solving of occupational health and safety problems through onsite data collection and/or face-to-face worker/company exchanges. M-CROSH can also be used for worker/student training.

M‑CROSH is a fully-accessible space with bathroom facilities and clinic space. It is equipped with innovative, portable equipment to study onsite/field:

  • Mobile equipment design for accident prevention;
  • Vibration-induced injury prevention;
  • Fatigue, energy expenditure, and nutrition;
  • Heat stress, and technologies to mitigate heat stress events;
  • Sleep hygiene to improve sleep quality and quantity; and
  • Mental health and quality of worklife.

Watch a video about M-CROSH.