Knowledge Transfer Kits

Our Knowledge Transfer Kits provide a comprehensive package to support your workplace in providing education about common hazards (vibration exposure, line of sight issues, and fatigue) when working on and around mobile equipment. The kits discuss the hazards associated with mobile equipment used in Northern Ontario industries; mining, forestry, construction, pulp and paper, and manufacturing.

Three plastic carrying cases sitting on a ledge, labelled "Vibration","Line of Sight", and "Fatigue Management"

Kit Topics

  • Vibration exposure
  • Line of sight issues and situational awareness
  • Fatigue

Each Kit Includes

  • Three comprehensive 15-minute safety meeting presentations
  • Leaders’ guide to help with instruction of the provided presentations
  • Posters to display to reinforce the safety message
  • Safety check cards that can be carried by workers on the job


Cost per single kit

Less than 50 employees:


51 to 99 employees


100 to 499 employees


More than 500 employees


All three sets in one order