Workplace Simulator

The CROSH Workplace Simulator (or W-SIM) is a one-of-a-kind facility providing state-of-the-art infrastructure for the design of research studies or service contracts that solve real-world workplace problems through work-task simulation.

Researcher making notes while a worker wearing monitoring equipment sits on a robotic chair


The Workplace Simulator consists of four components: a robotic vibration and motion platform, a virtual reality eye-tracking system, a metabolic cart, and an environmental chamber. All four can be combined to accurately recreate field or workplace conditions within a controlled laboratory environment that is unlike any other in the world. The simulator provides users with a unique opportunity to collect data, conduct experiments, measure human physiological variables, and evaluate materials, equipment, and personnel in standardized laboratory conditions.

Robotic platform with machinery showing


The Rotopod, or robotic platform, operates in six-degrees of freedom to recreate the vibration and motion of equipment in the field.  Among other capabilities, the platform can be used to test the effectiveness of materials and clothing in mitigating vibration exposure and risk to people and equipment.

Person wearing a VR headset with the virtual environment as the background

Virtual Reality Eye-Tracker

The Virtual Reality Eye-Tracker provides performance metrics to evaluate equipment design and policy interventions. Situational Awareness can be tested in the immersive VR equipment operation simulation . The Eye-Tracker glasses track the user’s pupils to determine what they are looking at at any moment, enabling training and performance evaluation.

Enclosed chamber inside a larger room

Environmental Chamber

The Environmental Chamber can be set to precise temperature and humidity levels, enabling testing and measurements under realistic environmental conditions. Applications range from exercise science and human physiology to recreating the specific ambient conditions of a workplace.

A researcher taking notes on a person riding stationary bike while hooked up to a machine that measures they're breathing

Metabolic Cart

The Metabolic Cart, or Cardiorespiratory Diagnostic System, performs comprehensive pulmonary function testing and true breath-by-breath metabolic analyses. With capabilities including Exercise Testing ( VO2 Max, Resting Metabolic Rate), Spirometry, and Weight Management Monitoring, the Metabolic Cart has applications in both the occupational and personal fitness fields.


The Metabolic Cart can measure the amount and speed of air being inhaled and exhaled. Specific tests include Forced Expiratory Volume and Forced Vital Capacity. Lung function testing has applications in both the occupational disease and personal fitness fields.

Weight Management

One of the risks of too-rapid-weight loss is a long-term decrease in metabolism. The Metabolic Cart can aid in weight management monitoring by regularly recording Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), helping to avoid unwanted decreases in metabolism.

Fitness Testing

Applicable to everyone from occupational athletes to individuals with fitness goals, cardiopulmonary fitness testing with the Metabolic Cart incorporates a suite of physiological measurements, including VO2 Max, to provide comprehensive data on cardiovascular, pulmonary, and muscular systems.

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Body Composition Scale

Body Composition Analyzer

The Body Composition Analyzer sends an electric current through your body (via your hands and feet). Based on the rate that the electric current travels, a computer analysis calculates the masses of your different body components, like your muscles, fat, and bones.

CROSH Mobile Research Lab (M-CROSH) with door open and tables with safety information set-up outside

Weight Management and Fitness Testing

Knowing the mass of your different body components can serve as a guide to your hydration status, meal planning, exercise, and health goals.

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