Amy Doan, BScN, MSc, RN

Thesis Title: Medical Device HCI Design Complexities Impacting Nurse Users Thesis Description: The focus of my research aims to strengthen the connections between human factors and HCI design of medical device interfaces and how their relationship possesses the power to influence how safely and comfortably a medical device can be interacted with. Exploring the current mental models nurse users refer to when interacting with familiar and novel medical devices can give important insight into how future, optimally designed user interfaces should be delineated and specifically what design factors should be taken into account. It is the aim of my research to further explore how the human factors ergonomics aspects of medical device user interface design, advances to user safety, efficiency, and general enjoyment of interacting with these devices are affected. An additional layer of complexity exists when considering healthcare workers situated in Northern Ontario areas who experience additional barriers and burdens in healthcare environments that permeate into the medical device design space.

Headshot of Amy Doan