Apurvkumar Bhatt

Apurvkumar Bhatt has been reviewing the existing literature on generating 3D blind spot data from various sources such as laser and photos. His objective is to determine which new technologies should be explored. He is preparing a summary of the capabilities of current approaches, the equipment required, the cost of the equipment, the necessary processing power, and the feasibility of creating an easy-to-use application with minimal user processing. Once he identifies a preferred approach and secures the necessary tools, Apurvkumar will generate blind spot data from a passenger vehicle as a pilot project and report on the feasibility of the method. If time permits, or if an advanced method for generating 3D point cloud data for blind spot generation proves impractical or unworthy of pursuit, he will shift his focus to developing a 2D visibility tool using a modified FERIC approach (currently implemented in an Excel spreadsheet) and incorporate a method for adding mirror visibility to the analysis.