Assistant Professor

Dr. Basem Gohar, PhD, MSc, CPsych

Position: Assistant Professor

Department: Population Medicine(

Organization: University of Guelph

Dr. Basem Gohar leads the University of Guelph’s Research in Occupational Health and Wellness (UGROHW) Lab. His research interests are in workplace mental health. His previous research examined predictors of sickness absenteeism and the psychosocial impact of COVID-19 among human and veterinary healthcare workers. Dr. Gohar’s current research focuses on (1) addressing staffing shortages and organizational commitment, (2) examining the role of moral injury among healthcare workers, and (3) exploring preparedness to practice in healthcare. Dr. Gohar teaches clinical communication and ethics to student veterinarians, and research courses to graduate students. Clinically, he is a registered clinical psychologist in Ontario.

Portrait of CROSH research member Dr. Basem Gohar