Associate Professor

Dr. Judith Horrigan, PhD, RN

Position: Associate Professor

Department: School of Nursing

Organization: Laurentian University

Dr. Judith Horrigan is a Registered Nurse and has worked in a variety of nursing positions across Northern Ontario. Judith graduated with a Ph.D in Interdisciplinary Rural and Northern Health and is an Associate Professor at Laurentian University in the School of Nursing. Her research interest is focused on exploring the quality of nurse’s work life across Northeastern Ontario. Judith is one of the original members to form CROSH and has served on CROSH’s executive for several years. Currently, Dr. Horrigan is working on investigating the impact of COVID-19 on the mental health of nurses. She is a recipient of CROSH’s Impact Award and was the Occupational Health and Wellness research lead for CROSH.

Portrait of CROSH research member Dr. Judith Horrigan