Workplace Simulator Laboratory (W-SIM)

The Workplace Simulator Laboratory is located in the new Cliff Fielding Research Innovation and Engineering building on the Laurentian University campus. The lab is scheduled to be fully operational by September 2019.

Vibration Simulation

Vibration Transmissibility

Musculoskeletal Loading

Vibration Induced Injury

Motion Analysis

PPE Evaluation

Environment Simulation


Heat Stress


Physiological Stressors


Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality Simulation


Line of Sight

Proximity Detection

Cognitive Workload

Human Factors and Equipment Operation

Components of the Workplace Simulator Laboratory

The workplace simulator will integrate a robotic platform (vibration and motion), an eye-tracker, and an environmental chamber (temperature; humidity) to be the first lab in Canada with the infrastructure to replicate the workplace environment conditions associated with underground mining. The Workplace Simulator will allow the research team to simultaneously evaluate the effects of vibration, temperature, and humidity, on human health and performance under controlled conditions. As mines are forced to push deeper underground for ore, the work environment continues to deteriorate and exposes miners to environmental conditions that pose a hazard to their well-being. The WSIM will enable controlled research to concurrently evaluate aspects of musculoskeletal health, ergonomics, human factors, and work physiology to identify occupational injury risk factors and subsequently to develop interventions to mitigate the previously identified hazards.

The results of this research will be applicable to the underground and surface mining industry across Canada, and the globe. Further, some of the issues that will be studied exist in other industries such as construction, forestry, steel manufacturing, transportation, and warehousing; therefore, these industries will also benefit from research work enabled by the Workplace Simulator Laboratory.